Sales & Design Concepts


Whether buying or selling a home, most people rely on the services of a real estate agent. But not all real estate licensees are the same. Hampsey & Grenier offers the professionalism, commitment and expert service of fully licensed REALTORS ®

Hampsey & Grenier provides invaluable services to sellers:

  • Free market analysis with up-to-date information about the current market, prices, financing terms and conditions of competing properties
  • Will market to other real estate agents as well as to the public
  • Will know when, where and how to best market your property using brochures, internet, advertising, multiple listing service, free virtual tours, agent assisted showings – no lock boxes – open house tours and more!
  • Can help you to objectively evaluate every buyer’s proposal without compromising your marketing position
  • Is with you from the offer through the closing process
  • Has many resources to make sure your move goes smoothly

Hampsey & Grenier provides critical assistance to home buyers:

  • Can help determine your buying power
  • Has many resources to assist you in your home search
  • Can provide objective information about each property
  • Can help negotiate the best price > Provide guidance during the home inspection
  • Can guide you through the closing process
  • Has many resources to make sure your move goes smoothly

Home Staging

The key to selling your house is to have potential buyers envision themselves living there. To accomplish this, your normal home environment must be transformed into a style that appeals to the greatest number of buyers possible. This is known as “staging” and it is a proven method for expediting the sale of homes as well as for getting top dollar. Research shows that well staged homes sell almost 32% faster than non-staged homes. And, they also sell for 3 to 10% more.

Staging a home that is for sale is one of the smartest decisions a seller can make. To “set the scene,” Hampsey & Grenier offers the following design services:

  • Hands-on Staging – our design specialist will first come to your home and after a thorough review of the house and property, provide a free estimate of what would be required. Then, Hampsey & Grenier will thoroughly stage your home room by room, creating welcoming and comfortable spaces on the inside as well as inviting curb appeal on the outside.
  • Staging Consultation – for the do-it-yourselfer, our design specialist will create a prioritized action plan on how best to play up the positive features of your home as well as areas to deemphasize.


Maybe you’re only looking to rent rather than buy. You want the space of a home and a yard of your own but without the mortgage or the hassles of ownership.

Or, maybe you’re looking for a cottage by a lake for a quiet summer vacation and some good fishing.

Or maybe you already own property and want to fill a vacancy quickly and easily.

You’ve come to the right place. Hampsey & Grenier, aren’t known as “The Rental Guys” for nothing. Hampsey & Grenier offer the largest selection of rental properties in the Monadnock region. Whatever your needs, we’ll help you find it.

  • Single family houses
  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Vacation rentals
  • Long term or short term
  • Storage units

Marketing Makes The Difference

REAL ESTATE AGENTS – Nearly 4 out of 5 home buyers use the services a Real Estate agent to buy or sell a home. Through past customers, referrals and current business relationships we maintain a strong customer base. Hampsey & Grenier is the largest rental and property management company in the region and has maintained a consistent and loyal base of clients locally and out of state who are consistently looking to buy and sell property.

RELOCATION REFERRALS – Our relocation referral service brings in clients continually and are some of the most motivated buyers. We are well connected to all the large companies in the area who know where to come for all there relocation needs.

INTERNET – In today’s competitive real estate market the internet is a crucial time saving tool for many buyers. Hampsey & Grenier has a state of the art second to none website that brings people from all over the country to view our inventory.

SIGNAGE – We advertise in local and regional newspapers, as well as, real estate sales flyers that can be found throughout the region.

OPEN HOUSES – Buyers frequently start there home search by driving through neighborhoods and visiting open houses. We will offer you the option of an open house periodically through the marketing Period.

Realtors with the Personal Touch

Let Hampsey & Grenier Design professionals expedite your sale by redesigning your existing home using your own furnishings to create welcoming and comforting spaces on the inside and inviting curb appeal on the outside.

Our Home Sales and Design Concepts Division specializes in home sales and interior design enhancements. Whether we are marketing an existing home or an entire community of new homes we offer expertise in sales and interior design or redesigning a home to expedite the sale for the best price.

  • Price and Presentation – To compete with the competition you must price it right and present your home in the best possible light.
  • Let Hampsey & Grenier professionals bring out the best in your home.
  • We will assist you in all aspect of selling your home and concentrate on the particular needs of each individual buyer and seller.
  • You can be assured that our professionals have your interests first and we will attend to your every need from beginning to close.

New Homes and Community Sales

  • We will work with the developer to create warm and exciting home reflecting classic designs that our buyers demand, offering model home set-ups and designs which will reflect a classical and enchanting feel to each room.
  • All aspects of marketing will be handled by Hampsey & Grenier through various proven avenues including newspapers, home magazines, our state of the art web site and our relationships with local businesses and relocation services.
  • You can be reassured that our professional staff has your interests first and will attend to your every need from beginning to close.

Let Hampsey & Grenier sell your home and create functional spaces that express your own personal style exhibiting a sense of harmony.

Sales & Design Concepts